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Crunching the DATA Wave

Key Team Members

we love what we do and we do what we love..
We are a holocracy org and make sure every member can bring their full potential to help our customers

Martin Zimmerer

Lead Data Mavericks

In a classical team setup Martin would be the leader of the DATA Mavericks business unit. Luckily we are running as a holocracy so he does not have to decide everything by himself ;-)

Martin Gerber

Crunching Master

Martin is an experienced facilitator and leads the Data Crunching workshops in his role as "Crunching Master". Martin is leading  our holacracy initiative @acceleris to enable more self-organizing teams

Angela Treis

Visualisation Master

Angela has a wealth of experience in the health & life science market. Her ability to  analyze complex data structures is second to none.

Oliver Stapleton

Visualisation Master & DATA Scientist

Oliver, also known as OJ is a real data guru! No challenge is too great and Oliver loves to find that hidden meaning in your data. He's the best data scientist in Switzerland.

Nishani Manoharan

Social Master

Nishi does her commercial apprenticeship at acceleris. In her role as social master she supports the Data Mavericks in keeping all the communication channels hot.

Oliver Kyas

Security Master

In his spare time Oliver is the musician in our DATA team! When he's not playing gigs he loves to consult our customers - especially for tricky security topics.

AriStotelis Agianniotis

Data Tech Master & Data Scientist

An artist with data and colors – when Aristotelis is not busy onboarding, crunching and visualizing our customers’ data he spends time with his family and in front of the easel

Lia Hänggeli

Story Teller

Lia's charisma combined with her very unique laughter, infects everybody! Whenever you get in touch with the Data Mavericks, you can be sure, that Lia was part of the story!

Livio Hubacher

Legal Counsel & Quality Master

Livio not only loves to have fun at work and in life but also wants to generate massive impact with the team! Impact which is based on a solid fundament like our ISO certifications. Thanks to Livio, we thrive ourselves to improve us all the time!

NicColo Kramer

Visualisation Master

Niccolo is currently finishing his internship but has already become a Visualisation Master in IT Operations and Security relevant use cases!

It's time to crunch your DATA

get in touch with us and ask for a DATA Crunching Workshop to kick-off

Partnership is what we are looking for

we proudly present our partners
You need the DATA Mavericks from Acceleris, Splunks' EMEA Rookie Partner of the Year 2018, to surf your Data waves!
Splunk is our key technology partner and we are part of the Splunk Partner+ program. We use the future ready and sustainable splunk> data management platform to crunch your data wave.
Swisscom operates as our "Splunk-aaS" cloud service provider. This allows us to start crunching your data and provide your dashboards in no time! Highly secure, always on and best in class.
Critizr is a global customer feedback platform. Customer feedback is collected through various different feedback channels and then processed and analysed. Acceleris and its DATA Unit the DATA Mavericks are the exclusive Swiss partner of the European market leader for customer satisfaction.