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Crunching the DATA Wave

Data Crunching is about getting value from data to improve your  business.

Typical Data Analysis only focuses on pre-existing hot-spots, completely ignoring area's of data where there seems to be little value or insight.
Turning hidden data into actionable information with the ability to influence business or process decisions is where a business can start to become a truly Data Driven Organization !
Further on you even drive your innovation capability thanks to uncovering these unknowns.

Ai Ops

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations

AI Ops platforms (Artificial intelligence for IT Operations), combine big data and machine-learning functionality enabling IT Operation teams to deliver the best IT services possible.
A fundamental tenet of an AI Ops platform is its ability to capture large data sets of any type, from across the environment, while maintaining data fidelity for comprehensive analysis.
AI, powered by machine learning, applies algorithms to large sets of data to automate insights and action. This helps IT to have a seat at the table and drive data-driven business decisions.

Source: Gartner
Martin Gerber


Internet of Things

Everything is becoming connected. And being connected means massive data volumes are constantly generated.  The key to survival is being able to take that raw data, refine it and utilize it.  Organizations that are able to do that efficiently and  effectively will have a massive head start over their competitors.


Business Analytics

Business Analytics is comprised of solutions used to build analytical models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities and predict future states.  We will enable the data driven enterprise by utilizing AI Algorithms taking advantage of machine, open, business and IOT data.

Source: Gartner


data driven Security

Unlock the power of analytics-driven security. Identify, prioritize and manage security events with event sequencing, alert management, risk scores, and customizable dashboards and visualizations.

Reduce Time to Detect - Ingest any machine data for full visibility to quickly detect malicious threats in your environment.
Streamline Investigations - Investigate activities associated with a potential security incident within one centralized view.
Rapid Response - Respond quickly and appropriately with automated actions and workflows.

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