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Crunching the DATA Wave


Our methodology, the "Data Crunching Fast Track Approach" fits to any industry. We have exceptional experience in the following markets; Life Science, Retail & Hospitality, Manufacturing,  Healthcare & Hospitals, Energy, Financial Services & Public Services

Healthcare & Hospitals

Typical Challenges

  • High administrative effort
  • Unnecessary and duplicated effort by the care team
  • Interrupted information flows between disparate care teams
  • Missing transparency for patients
  • detection of medicine fraud
  • Many different data sources of similar information (e.g. Patient records, therapy appointment information)
  • a lot machine generated data, that is currently unexploited, but has huge potential

Our Approach

  • Create a 360° profile for each patient, based on data correlation
  • Generate trend analyses of patients and their profiles
  • create a patient journey and provide transparency
  • Predict patient health improvements by analyzing their monitored behavior
  • Provide comprehensive dashboards with all patient information for the care team in one place
  • Allow location tracking and visualization of patients to reduce wasted time on walking into empty rooms
  • medicine fraud detection based on visualisation and pattern analysis

Download our illustrated factsheet about "The digital hospital" here.

Information and Communication Technology  Provider

Typical Challenges

  • Rapidly changing and growing IT systems, applications and complex environments.
  • Customers expect an always on mentality
  • Standardized solutions vs. solution oriented
  • Efficiently and predective dealing with Incident & Problem Management

Our Approach

  • Provide data source correlation and pattern mapping for a faster root cause analysis in case of an incident, for faster problem solving.
  • Analyze and recognize trends with machine learning for preventive & predictive maintenance to reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)  
    Monitor and generate system health overview of custom solutions


Typical Challenges

  • Long and static development cycles for new products
  • Very high quality demands
  • Obtaining feedback from customers and IoT connected machines.
  • High cost to provide support on customers premises

Our Approach

  • Provide overview of collected test data (Quality Assurance) as an input for product improvement steps
  • Obtain data from Intelligent & smart devices for analysis.
    Create predictive trend recognition to show any variation in product quality


Typical Challenges

  • Very price sensitive market segement
  • The process of digitisation is more or less everywhere initiated and ongoing
  • Multi channel distribution, global players and diverse online threads are challenging to accompany customers and get one view of the interaction to react accordingly.
  • Smartly combined data is a prerequisite to build on and to make the right porposals and decisionss

Our Approach

  • Notify an upcoming stock shortage in a predictive way
  • Correlate and automatically analyze different channels with machine learning algorithms.
  • Decide and Initiate actions based on data.
  • Additionally use seasonal and public available data (e.g. weather history and trends, sport eventes)

It's time to crunch your DATA

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