Shine a light on your DATA

November 8, 2019
Splunk> live! has taken place in Zurich on the 21st of May 2019. A great event to get updates from splunk>, inspiration and insights from other companies “valuetizing” splunk> features in their business context and network with diverse representatives and data enthusiasts, like we are.

A very important aspect that came up at this years splunk> live! in Zurich was the question, how user's can be empowered to gain value out of data? And how to know what data is available?

According to a Gartner definition, data that is collected, processed and stored during regular business and daily activities, but generally fail to reuse for other purposes in its context, is called “dark data”. Thus, investigating, monitoring, analyzing and deriving next actions from that data, is like shining light on your dark data. And beside suitable technology there is a need to be guided in how to shine the right light on data.

We, the data mavericks, focus on discovering value out of data, based on our data crunching fast track approach. In a very close collaboration with our customers, we work together to find those hidden diamonds. With a value equation canvas, we support our customer to get an integrated view on the value proposition, key data sources and business & commercial aspects.


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