Party Dashboard – The Las Vegas experience Story!

November 8, 2019
Turn Data into doing – the yearly splunk> .conf event is the data enthusiasts’ place to be. This year we contributed with our party dashboard breakout session!

Lately in October 2019, the continuously growing splunk> folks and enthusiasts (11’000 participants) gathered for the exciting .conf conference. It took place on the famous Las Vegas Strip at “The Sands” convention center.

An event which naturally is mandatory to participate for “The Data Mavericks” powered by Acceleris, a proud splunk> partner.

While splunk> announced many new features and products with the slogan “The Data to Everything Platform”, the community emphasized that data really means Everything. Basically, there’s nothing that cannot be underlined, decided, analyzed, monitored, supported or solved based on data.

A fact that we, “The Data Mavericks”, are turning into action by telling appropriate data stories to close the gap between todays possibilities and potential customers’ understanding! Data Crunching is our approach to do so! We want to create an experience about how data could be a game changer for your business.

Martin Gerber explaining how we discover value in customers data
status and progress view of the #splunkomania party dashboard - presented by Oliver Staplton

Our interactive breakout session @ this year’s .conf19 in Las Vegas with Martin Gerber and Oliver Stapleton integrates the audience and tells a simple and understandable story, turning data into doing - the #splunkomania party dashboard.

Please feel free and replay our session based on the slides, the demo of the Party Dashboard including the audio track. You have to imagine at a certain stage of the video, that our audience was interacting and directly impacting the “party dashboard” in real-time by ordering drinks via their smartphones and submitting feedback via twitter or direct messages.

Enjoy watching “BA-1623 Introduction to monitoring business operations with Acceleris’ party dashboard

Are you curious to understand more and write your own data-story? Please feel free, to get in touch with us!

Party Dashboard with status and trends
Business Insights on revenue and Orders
Analytics on drinking behaviours per participant ;-)

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