Let's make it happen! But how?

November 8, 2019
Future oriented collaboration models are more self-managed. In contrast to the classical top down approach of delegation!

A delegation and top down approach, which often leads to inefficiency and idle times. On the other hand, self-managed teams are more and more following a purpose. A purpose which, if it fits to a company's purpose, could generate more energy and increases self-motivation to even go an extra mile for something like a company.

The belief is that purpose driven teams are more flexible, faster and, the most important thing, happier! Happy employees are healthier and the most important factor for happy customers! According to Forbes (link) “Being part of a purpose-driven company, especially in technology, matters more today than ever before.” And it has even been observed that customers tend to switch suppliers if they are purpose driven.

The Data Mavericks strengths

In my team – “The Data Mavericks”, we strongly believe in every single team member’s specific capabilities and strengths, and the purpose driven approach. Of course, there are always general tasks everybody has to do, but we all love to contribute with our strength to support the whole team on our daily business challenges. We deeply believe that this leads to more engagement at the end, to provide the best solution to our customers and the team!


How do we organize ourselves?

We are working according to holacracy principles and use the rule-set (the holacracy constitution) to reach clarity by defining and changing roles and accountabilities continuously, according to our business challenges. We align ourselves with facilitated tactical meetings and getting things done, by creating as much transparency as possible within the whole team!


Data Crunching with and for enterprise customers, asks for new models of collaboration! Every customer's situation and needs are different! Our customers have their well-defined processes, roles and architectures. And they request support from us, by getting insights into something that was previously unknown. Those insights can influence business decisions which in turn can reduce risks, improve productivity and boost profitability. So, no additional time must be lost by starting some bureaucracy decisioning process. All the team members have to be able to use their role authority and to decide straight away within their accountabilities.


Self-management trends in different cultures all over the world

I was recently participating in a holacracy coach training in San Francisco to gain more insights and practice on coaching a team in the transformation journey to a more self-managed group of roles. During that training I have documented my own journey, my thoughts and some findings I made during these days. I had the chance to exchange with participants from all over the world, from different cultures, with different experiences and in different roles! If you enjoy reading my blog (link) and you want to exchange your personal experiences or need insights, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.. (linkedInProfile)

I would very much appreciate it!



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