LEGO & Data Crunching? Does that fit?

June 27, 2020
What do you gain, by combining Data Crunching with Lego Serious Play?

The great thing with LEGO is, that mostly everybody ever played LEGO and furthermore likes to play it. With LEGO Serious Play we use a very simple tool to break the ice in teams and remove obstacles between people.

@The Data Mavericks, the LEGO Serious Play methodology supports us in a very uncomplicated and open exchange, that we share each ones perspective and create a team view on what is important for us!

Data Analytics with LEGO?

Yes! The potential in combining Data Crunching (our own methodology for data analytics projects, based on human centered design & design thinking principles) with LEGO Serious Play is huge!

As Data Analytics in the first phase of preperation is a very creative process, LEGO could play its part to uncover unknown unknowns already, by exchanging everyones perspective involved in the process.

For instance we could develop a common understanding of the innovation- & value statement, very effective and in a short period of time. This aligns and helps the whole team to follow a common goal through the whole Data Analytics project!


Let's play soon! Let's crunch the data wave with LEGO!

Works also online (see the picture of the LEGO Serious Play Zoom Session)

Start data crunching now!

LEGO Serious Play is facilitated by our partner @antbirds

LEGO Serious Play Zoom Session @The Data Mavericks