Acceleris gets rid of the CEO

November 8, 2019
At least of the role CEO ;-) With the adoption of the holacracy constitution, Acceleris sends out a clear signal that the company continues the journey and proactively evolves into a responsive organization!

As a trusted partner, Acceleris provides automated platforms and hybrid cloud solutions for the digital transformation. Our new purpose statement describes what we bring into this world as a company and underlines what customers can expect from us.

Acceleris’ purpose: “To innovate and change the world of data management and cloud / infrastructure operation in a more sustainable and efficient way and support people to be more successful.”

At the same time, having a company purpose shall support the people @Acceleris, in the way of collaboration and decision making!

By signing the constitution on the 2nd of May 2019, Pascal Stürchler, our former CEO, has distributed his authority among the whole organization. We have celebrated this step as part of a wine & cheese event. This means that from now on every member and owner of a role gets the same “voice” and the same tools to create proposals and make decisions according to the role’s accountability.
In one of the teams, we have already adopted holacracy about one year ago. It has been proved that this approach has a huge potential and fits to our culture and the business of Acceleris. Check also – who we are - for more details.

This is the way “New Work” has to work and the future generation of employees are expecting companies to be organized! Staying attractive as a company is one reason. Empowering, enabling and encouraging employees to act more like an entrepreneur and use their accountability to decide directly and evolve from inside out, built on the collective intelligence of the team, is a very important one too.

Are you interested in our experiences we are continuously collecting? We are more than happy to talk about our journey – following a part of our purpose, “…supporting people to be more successful!”

Sincerely your Martin (in the Role of @Hola Ninja)

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